LTG Cargo

POLAND: Lithuanian operator LTG Cargo’s Polish subsidiary has announced plans to invest €47m to diversify its activities and to expand into western Europe, offering new services and growing its fleet.

LTG Cargo Polska will buy four multi-system electric and two diesel locomotives. The electric locomotives will be used across Poland, with the diesel locomotives primarily serving routes close to the Lithuanian border. The company is to buy six sets of wagons for transporting semitrailers and containers.

LTG Cargo Eglė Šimė

According to LTG Cargo Managing Director Eglė Šimė, most freight in Lithuania is transported on an east-west axis by road, and anyone seeking to develop rail freight must look for customers in Poland and further west. This in turn would facilitate access to the highly developed intermodal market in western Europe. Over the next few years, the company plans to start serving intermodal terminals in Poland, Italy and Germany, she added.

LTG Cargo Polska is also embarking on a recruitment drive to increase the size of its team, supporting a presence at 50 key freight locations in Poland.