Ermewa LPG Safety ++ wagon underneath

EUROPE: ‘Our new LPG Safety++ wagon is becoming a top success’, reports Cyrille Guyon, Regional General Manager Eastern Europe at leasing company Ermewa.

Ermewa LPG Safety wagon 1

Ermewa has ordered a further 150 of the LPG Safety++ wagons from Polish manufacturer Chemet this year to meet demand from customers in countries including Poland and Italy, adding to the 240 wagons it ordered in 2020.

Czech company Orlen Unipetrol Group has recently taken delivery of the last of 81 wagons under a leasing deal which includes maintenance by Ermewa.

The LPG Safety++ wagons feature lightweight bogies with integrated compact brakes, a protective shield and Knorr-Bremse KEf control valves with ready-made interfaces for telematics sensors for brake monitoring.

Ermewa LPG Safety ++ wagons

The wagons have a capacity of 117 m3, with a reduced tare weight allowing an greater payload than older designs.

‘The new tank cars made of fine-grained steel meet all safety standards and requirements and allow us to transport larger volumes of cargo in one train, thus boosting transport efficiency’, said Ryszard Pilch, Orlen Unipetrol board member responsible for fuel logistics, on August 11.