Fenniarail sawn timber wagon (closed)

FINLAND: Fenninarail has taken delivery of the first of a batch of Habins wagons ordered for sawn timber traffic, following initial testing in Estonia.

Fenniarail sawn timber wagon

Managing Director of the open access freight operator Juha Hakavuori said there is currently great demand for the environmentally-friendly transport of products from saw mills.

The operator has been working for some time to make sawn timber transport more efficient, and in 2020 it decided to invest in a new wagon for the Finnish network.


Habins wagon
length, m 23
width, m 3·4
height, m 5·3
Loading area
length, m 21·5
width, m 2·8
height, m 3·8
Capacity, tonnes 60
Tare weight, tonnes, 30
Gauge, mm 1 524