Seminole Gulf Railway flooding

The Seminole Gulf Railway was damaged by Hurricane Ian.

USA: A bill has been introduced to Congress which would authorise the Department of Transportation to provide emergency funding to assist short line railways with recovery from natural disasters.

This was welcomed by the American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association. ‘Short line railroads play a critical transportation role, yet limited federal disaster relief options are available beyond small loans, whereas massive disaster relief resources are available for highways and transit’, said ASLRRA President Chuck Baker on December 16.

‘The Short Line Railroad Relief Act would allow the USDOT to provide speedy and significant grant funding to short line railroads following a disaster, so they can help rebuild the local economy instead of being forced to end operations, abandoning customers and the communities they serve.’

The bill was introduced by Florida Republican Representative Byron Donalds, with six co-sponsors.

‘Representative Donalds was spurred into action by the devastation to the Seminole Gulf Railway in his district, caused by Hurricane Ian earlier this year’, said Baker. ‘The concern however is applicable nationwide, resulting in congressional support throughout the country for this effort.’