Dutch Ministry of Defence wagon

NETHERLANDS: ‘The Ministry of Defence is taking another important step towards having its own robust strategic transport capacity with these low-loading wagons’, Brigadier General Laurens Jobse said when Greenbrier‘s Wagony Świdnica began delivering wagons for the transport of military vehicles and containers.

The ministry’s original order for Type Laads wagons, which was placed in December 2020, has been increased from 70 to 77 vehicles owing to ‘the threat to the borders of NATO countries’, and with more exercises to be held in Hungary and Poland as a result of the planned closure of training grounds in Germany.

Project leader Niels Teunissen said ‘at first glance, railway wagons may look like pieces of steel on wheels. However, the implementation of the project turned out to be less simple than expected. For example, the regulations surrounding railway equipment were a voyage of discovery from start to finish. Steel prices also posed challenges due to the geopolitical situation.’