db 02_binderholz

EUROPE: DB Cargo Logistics has developed a tailor-made transport model to enable cross-laminated timber manufacturer Binderholz to switch its shipments of building products up to 20 m long from road to rail.

This has included reopening a disused private siding at Binderholz’s Burgbernheim factory in Bayern to enable products be sent to customers in Sweden and France using open or covered wagons.

‘We are increasing the volume of freight leaving our Austrian and German plants on eco-friendly rail services’, said Martin Sigl, head of Binderholz’s logistics activities. ‘Using the single wagonload network, we can transport consignments to Sweden, where they arrive on schedule after a journey of over 2 000 km’.

‘Tailor-made solutions for our customers are what we need if we want to increase the volume of goods being transported by rail’, said Dr Sigrid Nikutta, DB board member for freight. ‘Whether these take the form of a new or reopened private siding, or innovative ideas for simple transhipment processes at our marshalling yards and container terminals, we are ready to work with our customers on increasing rail freight’s importance.’