Vientiane railway map

LAOS: The Vientiane South freight transhipment yard opened on July 1, at the break of gauge where the standard gauge railway from China which opened in December last year meets an extension of the metre-gauge line which enters Laos from Thailand.

The first traffic was a batch of containers being sent from China to Laem Chabang port in Thailand.

The transhipment facility has one 1 435 mm gauge track and two 1 000 mm gauge tracks, with the ability handle 25 wagon trains on the metre gauge lines.

China Railway said the yard would enhance the role of the China – Laos railway in regional development, improve the efficiency of transport between China and the ASEAN countries and reduce cross-border logistics costs.

The transit time from Kunming in China to Laem Chabang Port is about one day shorter by rail than by road transport, and 20% cheaper.

Cross-border traffic is predicted at more than 300 000 tonnes/year, including agricultural products and rubber being transported from Thailand to China.