VR Transpoint Finnlog woodchip wagons (1)

EUROPE: The Finnlog subsidiary of Finland’s VR Group has taken delivery of 35 wagons manufactured by ZMK which will be used for transporting wood chips from Metsä Group’s Svir sawmill in Russia to its pulp mill at Joutseno in Finland.

VR Transpoint Finnlog woodchip wagons (2)

Cross-border freight business Finnlog was established in 2019 and now has around 350 wagons available for use by VR Transpoint’s key customers. Its operating model is based on meeting a customer’s particular needs, and Metsä Group is leasing the new wagons and preparing its own transport plans for implementation by the operator.

‘Finnlog’s operations have been launched with a flying start, and there is clearly demand from our Finnish industrial customers for the import traffic service model offered’, said VR Transpoint Senior Vice-President Martti Koskinen on June 8. ‘Finnlog’s aim is to continue expanding its operations to new customers and product groups. We are currently in the process of negotiations with several customers. There is demand for import traffic from Russia and a lot of potential, so we are investing in this.’