Latvian Railways and Russia’s Freight One have signed a memorandum of understanding for collaboration to enhance the quality of freight services, make more efficient use of the Russian company’s rolling stock and introduce new operational and management systems.

The Czech Republic has now applied three sections of the Convention Concerning International Carriage by Rail which it had previously opted out of, meaning the COTIF uniform rules now apply to the entire Czech national network. The OTIF Secretariat welcomed the announcement, saying the uniform rules now apply across almost all of Europe.

Watco Supply Chain Services of the USA has acquired Utah-based BCM Logistics which provides door-to-door intermodal services, contracting directly with Class I railways and shipping lines for the repositioning of containers.

There was a 'significant return to growth' in rail freight volumes in Finland during the first half of 2016, according to national transport agency Liikennevirasto. Volumes were up 8% compared to the previous year, and the average distance was also higher. Open access operator Fenniarail also ran its first commercial services.

Genesee & Wyoming’s 10 km Mahoning Valley Railway is to deliver urea to Pilot/Flying J’s diesel exhaust fluid plant in Struthers, Ohio. ‘The railroad made every effort to learn our business and offer a transportation strategy that helps our DEF production process, and we now have an excellent rail solution as part of our supply chain’, said Wes Mailhos, Pilot/Flying J’s Manager of Rail Operations & Business Development.