Romania’s national Environment Fund Administration has approved funding to support CFR Marfă with the operation of rolling motorway services. The freight operator owns 160 Greenbrier Type Saadkms wagons which operated between Wels in Austria and Glogovat in Romania in 2002-06. In February 2018 a trial train with 10 lorry wagons and coaches for the drivers travelled between Curtici and Craiova in less than 12 h.

LG and PKP Cargo have signed an agreement to facilitate cross-border freight operations between Lithuania and Poland.

KiwiRail CEO Peter Reidy has signed the New Zealand CEOs’ Climate Change Statement, committing to measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and working with suppliers to reduce emissions with the aim of helping to keep global warming within two degrees as specified in the Paris Agreement. 'Rail, by its very nature, helps businesses hit their sustainability targets and New Zealand meet its commitment to carbon reduction’, said Reidy. 'If we could take 2.4 million trucks off the road by shifting more freight to rail, that would reduce New Zealand’s emissions by 518,000 tonnes annually.'

The US Short Line Safety Institute has launched the website which includes hazardous materials and safety culture resources, materials from the Safety Tips programme, webinars and other information. This ‘provides a quick way for safety professionals to access materials that they can use right away or share with colleagues, sign up for webinars, training programmes, and Safety Culture Assessments, and know where our next training event will take place’, said Executive Director Tom Murta.

CN plans to invest C$315m in Ontario in 2018. Projects include investments in a satellite intermodal facility near the Brampton Intermodal Terminal to provide temporary capacity, infrastructure at the Brampton site to serve the growing cold supply chain business, and construction of a passing siding east of Sioux Lookout.

PKP Cargo has signed contracts to transport 1·9 million tonnes of coal an average of 335 km from mines to three PGNiG Termika power stations near Warszawa in 2019.