Canadian Pacific has signed an agreement to handle all of Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp’s traffic from the Port of Vancouver for three years from January 1 2020.

Following a successful trial in Europe, CFL Multimodal is to use Traxens cargo tracking equipment on Europe to China routes. ‘The technology used by Traxens, enabling the local interconnection of different devices without wiring, opens up new opportunities in train condition and composition monitoring', said Marc Valette, Innovation Director at CFL Multimodal. 'It will allow the connection of different elements of the train ecosystem in the future, providing transparent and accurate information, improving the quality of service and information delivered to clients.’

Uzbekistan has opened freight facilities at Surxonobod to handle an expected increase in cross-border traffic with Turkmenistan.

Canada has published proposed Locomotive Voice & Video Recorder Regulations for public consultation on May 24. The government said these ‘reflect a careful balance between measures to increase safety benefits, while safeguarding the privacy rights of railway employees.’

Slovakian operator Budmar is taking delivery of five Vectron multi-system locomotives ordered from Siemens for €20m, and has said it is discussing the purchase of more.

UTLC ERA and Belintertrans have shipped 23 containers of milk and uncondensed cream from Brest to Zhengzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan so far this year, and 41 containers with powdered milk from Kolyadichi to Chongqing. Transit time is 12 days. ‘China has become the third largest market for export of Belarusian powdered and condensed milk’, said UTLC ERA President Alexey Grom. ‘UTLC ERA is focused on the further development of export deliveries of these goods to various cities in China.’

Following the completion of track and signalling upgrades, CSX raised the permitted speed of freight trains on its line from Montgomery, Alabama to Waycross, Georgia from 40 to 64 km/h on June 1. It said this would reduce waiting times for motorists at crossings, and increase capacity on the corridor.

RZD Logistics and its Far East Land Bridge subsidiary has launched twice-weekly regular services between Dongguan in China and Vorsino in the Kaluga region of Russia, switching the departure point from Guangzhou. Traffic includes fabrics, cosmetics, floor coverings and consumer goods. RZD Logistics said it had transferred the departure point because subsidies would provide more favourable rates for shippers.