Captrain France Euro4001 (Photo: Christophe Masse)

VFLI has changed its name to Captrain France, reflecting the SNCF group’s international freight branding which is intended to be more readable and easier to understand in other languages.

WLC loco

WLC became the first Austrian rail operator to receive a uniform safety certificate from the European Railway Agency on February 3. The certificate applies until February 2026 in Austria and Germany, as well as the Czech Republic where WLC began operating on February 11

Last year rail surpassed road as the principal means of delivery of new vehicles from the factory produced at Volkswagen‘s Navarra site near Pamplona, with rail accounting for 56% of shipments. Transfesa Logistics moved 110 116 road vehicles to 14 destinations including Barcelona, Santander, Tarragona and Zuera near Zaragoza, as well as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Russian Railways organised a test train hauled by a three-section 3TE25K2M diesel locomotive to demonstrate the technical feasibility of increasing the maximum weight of freight trains at the Suifenhe/Grodekovo border crossing with China north of Vladivostok from 3 600 to 5 200 tonnes.

Transfesa terminal

Transfesa Logistics has increased its service from Barcelona and Valencia to Dourges, south of Lille, from once to two or three times per week. ‘As it is in one of the largest industrial areas in France, there is great potential to introduce very diverse articles and products such as consumer goods, tanks or granulated products for the automotive sector, among others. Furthermore, from Dourges we want to reinforce refrigerated and olive oil shipments to Belgium and the Netherlands’, said Traffic Implementation Project Manager Pablo García. He also said ‘Dourges is a natural step towards the UK’, avoiding bottlenecks for road traffic.

Ari Soinola has been appointed Vice-President, Operations & Development at Nurminen Logistics, joining from Finnair Cargo, where he has worked as Development Director.