Union Pacific has launched a weedkiller train which can spray more than 250 km per day, compared with less than 50 km when using road-rail vehicles. Crew quarters are also to be provided from July, enabling the train to operate around the clock and cover 500 km per day.

Hupac has added the Pancevo Dry Port Terminal in Serbia to its shuttle network, with a service to Wien

PKP Cargo has signed contracts worth 107m złoty to transport more than 4 million tonnes of coal from Tauron’s Wydobycia’s mines to its power plants

The Land of Bremen has authorised Bremenports to apply for planning permission to expand the capacity of Speckenbüttel yard with seven electrified tracks

Swedish freight forwarder NTEX has opened an office in London focusing on rail transport from northern Italy to Rotterdam and then to the UK. NETX’s current business is mainly in Scandinavia, but it has recently opened offices in Italy, Belgium, France and Austria.

The American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association has testified before the US Surface Transportation Board against proposed reciprocal shunting rule. ASLRRA wants short lines to be excluded from the rules, which it argues would make rail less efficient, complicate routing and reduce investment.

Canadian Pacific Railway has responded to the US Surface Transportation Board’s request for CP and KCS to rectify inconsistencies in some of the data they had submitted as part of their application for regulatory approval of their planned merger, assuring the STB that it would issue a full explanation of the data submitted to STB by March 21.

A freight train chartered by Poland’s Żabka Group and its investors CVC Capital Partners and Partners Group arrived in Kyiv on March 13 carrying 60 tonnes of humanitarian aid, including food, water and hygiene products. The shipment was organised in conjunction with the municipalities of Kyiv and Warszawa.

Norfolk Southern has launched what it calls a next-generation carbon calculator to help its clients measure, report and mitigate carbon emissions in their supply chains.

Following consultations with local stakeholders, Australian Rail Track Corp has approved changes to the height of the planned bridge over the Walgett Branch Line in Narrabri to allow double stacked freight trains to access the Inland Rail main line.