Dortmunder Eisenbahn has taken delivery of the first of three Siemens Mobility Vectron Dual Mode electro-diesel locomotives which it is to lease from Alpha Trains, with the other two to arrive in January. They will be used to haul five trains a week carrying pipes produced by Europipe between Mühlheim an der Ruhr and the inland port of Brake (Unterweser) near Bremen

Siemens Ltd has been named as the lowest bidder for a Indian Railways contract to produce 1 200 electric freight locomotives, beating an rival offer from Alstom. In April Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid a foundation stone for a refurbishment of the locomotive plant at Dahod in Gujarat where the 9000 hp locos are to be produced in 2023-34.

New Vectrons - CARGOUNIT (December 2022)  copyright Adam Kupniewski (2)

Polish leasing company Cargounit has confirmed an order for two more Siemens Mobility Smartron locomotives and exercised an option for another Vectron. It has now ordered 31 Siemens electric locomotives, which could increase to 40 by 2025. Cargounit said demand for electric locos is being driven by the need for fleet renewal, growth of the international freight market and the need for rolling stock to transport freight including agricultural products from Ukraine.

On December 15 agricultural and industrial logistics company Nidera Agro which is based in at Chop in Ukraine said ‘with the rapid growth of export volumes, we need grain wagons for further shipment to anywhere in Europe. We are open to new offers and partnerships.’

India’s North Central Railway opened an elevated link between Dadri and New Boraki on December 13, providing a grade-separated route for freight trains from Ghaziabad to reach the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor.

Inaugural Departure of International Trains of China-Laos Railway (Chengdu and Chongqing to Vientiane)

In its first year of operation the 418 km China – Laos railway linking Boten and Vientiane has carried 11·2 million tonnes of freight and 8·5 million passengers.


Canadian Pacific and Canadian National have been included on CDP’s A List of companies leading global action on climate change. ‘While shipping heavy freight by rail can already reduce carbon emissions by up to 75% when compared to trucks, our position in the supply chain enables us to lead a step-change towards decarbonising North America’s freight sector, by leveraging and stimulating progress in the development of low-carbon fuels and new locomotive technologies’, said CN President & CEO Tracy Robinson.

CSX has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices North America for the 12th consecutive year, reflecting its environmental, social and governance commitments. ‘As a growing number of our customers focus on reducing their carbon footprint, CSX is committed to helping them achieve their goals through the environmental advantages of rail’, said President & CEO Joe Hinrichs.