On May 8 Sweden’s LKAB placed an order for Kiruna Wagon to supply 20 F050 iron ore wagons by the end of the year to replace vehicles damaged in derailments during December and February. Meanwhile deliveries of 100 wagons ordered in late 2022 continue at a rate of two to four per week, with 40 now handed over.

Somerton Intermodal Terminal (Image ITC)

Intermodal Terminal Co is to use Hexagon’s HxGN EAM software to manage internal roads and gates, lorry and container movements, container washing, fumigation facilities, lighting and the rail network at the Somerton Intermodal Terminal which it is developing in the suburbs of Melbourne for completion in 2025. The terminal will accommodate double-stacked 1 800 m trains and have a capacity of more than 1 million TEU/year.

Chemical manufacturer SMC Global has acquired an 800 m long section of railway behind its Kansas City, Kansas, site from Union Pacific. ‘SMC is making significant investments in our US infrastructure to enhance our ability to both ship and receive rail cars’, said founder and COO Kevin Huber. ‘This strategic move aligns with our vision to strengthen our relationships with US producers and customers who prefer rail service. We are currently in discussions with engineering firms with a proven track record in the railway industry to help us maximise this new opportunity.’

Naibabad agreement (Photo AfRA)

An agreement to invest US$20m in to further develop the freight terminal at Naibabad between Hairatan and Mazar-i-Sharif has been signed by the Afghanistan Railway Authority, Uzbeksitan’s national railway UTY and local export-import company Kamgar.

James Bonner has been named President of the New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway from June 19. He was previously president of Anacostia Rail Holdings’ New York & Atlantic Railway on Long Island, where he will be ucceeded by Vice-President Marlon Taylor.

UIC is to hold Fit for Freight knowledge transfer webinars from June 10 to 13. Topics to be addressed by industry experts will included quality & safety management, audit management and sustainability reporting.

Short line group Patriot Rail has named Brandy D Christian as its next CEO. He will join on June 17 and, after a brief transition period, succeed John E Fenton, who is retiring after 12 years. Christian has been VP of Strategy & Business Development for the Port of San Diego, a management consultant with KPMG and President & CEO of the Port of New Orleans.