Hangzhou (1)

CHINA: The National Development & Reform Commission has approved the fourth phase of the Hangzhou metro, which envisages construction of another 153 route-km and the addition of 89 stations.

The first section to be built under the plans would be a 26 km northwest-southwest Line 12 linking Hangzhou Xi railway station with Meiyuan Xiangshan. An existing segment of Line 6 between Shuangpu and Shuangpu Cheliangduan is to be incorporated into Line 12.

Another 40·5 km would be added by the north-south Line 15, running from Chongxian to Yatai Lu, while the 48 km first phase of the northeast-to-southeast Line 18 would link Shiji Dadao with Yiqiao.

A 7·5 km extension of Line 3 is planned to take the line from Xingqiao to Xingguang Jie, while the third phase of Line 4 would add 10 km at both ends, from Chihua Jie to Yungu in the northwest of the conurbation and from Puyan to Wenyan in the south.

A second phase of Line 9 would add a 10 km extension in the north from Long’an to Tangxi, while two northern extensions are funded on Line 10. These total 10·8 km, taking the line from Yisheng Road to Renhe Bei.