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  • Alstom SNCF TGV M (Photo: Jérémie Anne)

    First TGV M unveiled by Alstom and SNCF


    FRANCE: The first of 115 double-deck high speed trainsets branded Avelia Horizon by manufacturer Alstom and TGV M by SNCF Voyageurs has been unveiled ahead of dynamic testing at Velim in the Czech Republic from October. Speaking at the unveiling at Alstom’s La Rochelle test centre ...

  • Alstom Avelia Horizon high speed train impression

    SNCF orders more TGV M high speed trains


    FRANCE: SNCF Voyageurs has awarded Alstom a €590m firm order to supply a further 15 Avelia Horizon high speed trains, designated TGV M by the operator. The order announced on August 18 is the second option exercised under the €2∙7bn TGV of the Future framework agreement ...

  • CRRC Qingdao Sifang CR400AF Fuxing trainset for the Jakarta – Bandung high speed line (Photo: CRRC).

    First Jakarta – Bandung high speed train unveiled


    INDONESIA: The first of 11 CR400AF Fuxing trainsets for the KCJB high speed line which will connect Jakarta and Bandung has been rolled out by Chinese manufacture CRRC Qingdao Sifang. Unveiling the eight-car trainset on August 5, CRRC said this would be the first time it ...

  • Palfinger has developed a wheelchair lift for use on DB Fernverkehr’s next fleet of ICE high speed trainsets.

    Wheelchair lift enhances ICE accessibility


    GERMANY: Palfinger has developed a novel design of wheelchair lift for use on DB Fernverkehr’s next fleet of ICE high speed trainsets. The Trainlift TRV 2 SLIM is deployed at a 920 mm wide accessible entry point for use by passengers with reduced mobility. The TSI ...

  • jp-nishi-test-6_N700S Running-KMiura

    Test running starts on Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen


    JAPAN: Test running has started on the isolated Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen between Nagasaki and Takeo Onsen, which is scheduled to open for revenue service on September 23.

  • Talgo is developing a carbon fibre reinforced polymer composite version of its characteristic ‘rodal’ running gear frames.

    Carbon fibre reinforced polymer high speed train running gear frame on test


    SPAIN: Talgo is developing a carbon fibre reinforced polymer composite version of its characteristic ‘rodal’ running gear frames. The company expects this will offer a 50% reduction in weight compared to using welded steel plates, with an associated cut in energy consumption and track wear as ...

  • CR400BF-G

    Frigid Fuxing cuts end-to-end timings


    CHINA: A low-temperature variant of the China Standard EMU developed by CRRC Tangshan has been put into service on CR’s 350 km/h Beijing – Harbin Passenger-Dedicated Line. An initial batch of nine winterised CR400BF-G trainsets was supplied by CRRC Changchun ahead of completion of the final ...

  • RENFE has presented the first of 14 Class 730 electro-diesel gauge changing trainsets to undergo a mid-life refurbishment in a €11m programme which is being undertaken at Talgo’s Las Matas works.

    RENFE and Talgo present first refurbished Class 730


    SPAIN: National operator RENFE has presented the first of 14 Class 730 electro-diesel gauge changing trainsets to undergo a mid-life refurbishment in a €11m programme which is being undertaken at Talgo’s Las Matas works. The Class 730s are rebuilds from dual-voltage Class 130 electric trainsets, and ...

  • SJ Alstom Zefiro Express train impression (Image: Alstom)

    SJ orders 250 km/h trains as ‘the best travel product in Scandinavia’


    SWEDEN: SJ has signed a €650m contract for Alstom to supply 25 Zefiro Express 250 km/h trainsets, which the national passenger operator says will complement its refurbished X2000 fleet as ‘the best travel product in Sweden and Scandinavia’, meeting the demand for ‘climate-smart, comfortable and efficient’ ...

  • TGV M 1003 power car 22003 (Photo: Romain Vergnères)

    TGV M power cars transported from Belfort to La Rochelle


    FRANCE: Power cars from the first of the TGM M trainsets ordered under SNCF’s TGV of the Future programme, branded Avelia Horizon by the manufacturer, have been transported from Alstom’s Belfort factory to La Rochelle.

  • DB ICEneo order

    DB orders more ICE3neo sets as first unit is unveiled


    GERMANY: Deutsche Bahn has placed a €1∙5bn firm order for a further 43 Siemens Mobility ICE3neo trainsets, CEO and Chairman of the management board Dr Richard Lutz announced on February 1. Speaking at an event held in DB’s Berlin-Rummelsburg workshops to unveil the first of 30 ...

  • SJ Alstom high speed train impression

    SJ orders Sweden’s fastest trains


    SWEDEN: National operator SJ has confirmed that Alstom is to supply the fastest trains in Sweden, which will have a maximum speed of 250 km/h for use on long distance inter-city services including routes to Denmark and Norway. The initial order will cover 25 electric trainsets ...

  • Impression of the Hitachi and Alstom joint venture's trains for High Speed 2 (1)
    Rail Business UK

    Hitachi-led joint venture to supply 54 trains to operate HS2 services


    UK: A consortium of Alstom and Hitachi Rail is to supply a fleet of 54 conventional-compatible trains for High Speed 2 services under a contract worth £1·97bn, the Department for Transport and HS2 Ltd announced on December 9. The trains will be ‘designed and built’ in ...

  • Chinese high speed train maintenance

    High speed train maintenance contract awarded


    CHINA: China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group has awarded the Bombardier Sifang (Qingdao) Transportation joint venture two contracts totalling 382m yuan to undertake the heavy maintenance of 592 high speed train cars. The contract covers A3 maintenance of key parts and components for 34 CRH1A and CRH1B ...

  • ETR1000 high speed trainset

    Shorter high speed trains to fit Sicilian train ferries


    ITALY: Trenitalia is assessing the possibility of ordering a shorter variant of its Frecciarossa ETR1000 high speed train which could use the train ferries between the mainland and the island of Sicily. The Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport envisages ordering a fleet of 12 four-car mini ...

  • DSC_0090
    In depth

    Passenger Rolling Stock: Avril moves from vision to reality


    More than a decade after the company unveiled its concept for a wide-bodied articulated trainset, Talgo’s first production Avril high speed trains are now on test in northern Spain before entering service with national operator RENFE.

  • TCDD Siemens Mobilty Velaro TR

    Turkey’s Velaro high speed trainsets delivered


    TURKEY: National operator TCDD Taşımacılık has taken delivery of the last of the 19 Velaro TR high speed trainsets ordered from Siemens Mobility. TCDD bought its first Velaro in 2013, when a Velaro D trainset for Germany was taken from the production line and refitted for ...

  • RB Rail said the concept train was inspired by trainsets in operation in Europe and elsewhere, with styling influenced by the Baltic Sea and its sun and sand.
    In depth

    Rail Baltica concept trains inspired by sun, sea and sand


    EUROPE: Rail Baltica project promoter RB Rail has produced conceptual images to help inform the public about the type of trains which could link Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with Poland and western Europe using the future standard gauge line. The concepts are intended to inform the ...

  • es-Avril test in Galicia-Talgo

    Talgo confirms work underway to approve Avril trains for use in France


    EUROPE: Work is underway to obtain approval for Talgo’s Avril high speed train design to operate in France, the manufacturer has confirmed. The announcement on February 3 came as the first Avril trainset for RENFE began dynamic type testing runs on the recently opened high ...

  • gr-reurbished-ETR470-Pendolino-delivery-alstom

    Refurbished Pendolino arrives in Greece


    GREECE: The first of five ETR470 Pendolino trainsets being refurbished for use on Trainose’s flagship Athens – Thessaloniki route has been delivered to Thessaloniki and is expected to enter service in March.