UK: A prominent feature at the front of the Hitachi Rail Europe stand at Railtex 2017 is a model of its AT400 ‘British Bullet Train’ concept.

Hitachi said this 'vision' builds on the company's 'rich history in creating iconic high speed rolling stock' ranging from Shinkansen trainsets in Japan to the ETR1000 units for Trenitalia, the last of which has just been dispatched from the manufacturer’s Pistoia plant. This has been blended with UK engineering 'to turn this initial concept into a formalised model'. Hitachi said this combination of experience and innovation would meet the objectives set out for the procurement of rolling stock for High Speed 2.

Designed for 360 km/h operation, the 25 kV 50 Hz AT400 would have 10 to 12 cars with a nominal length of 25 m. It would have sliding pressure-sealed doors at the car ends, and interior options would include standard, business and first class, as well as catering and luggage facilities.