Xulian line hgh speed train

CHINA: The 185 km Xulian high speed line between Lianyungang and Xuzhou in eastern China was opened for revenue service on February 8.

This completes the 3 422 km Lianyungang – Ürümqi corridor, which is the longest east-west route within the ‘eight vertical and eight horizontal’ grid defined as part of the national railway development strategy.

Construction of the Xulian line began in July 2017. China Railway is initially operating seven trains each way per day between Lianyungang and Xuzhou, running at a maximum speed of 300 km/h although the alignment is designed for 350 km/h. There are three intermediate stations, plus a fourth which has not yet opened.

Lianyungang – Ürümqi high speed rail corridor opening dates
Lianyungang – Xuzhou February 8 2021
Xuzhou – Zhengzhou September 10 2016
Zhengzhou - Xi’an February 6 2010
Xi’an – Baoji December 28 2013
Baoji – Lanzhou July 9 2017
Lanzhou – Ürümqi December 26 2014