Ankara - Sivas high speed line testing (2)

TURKEY: Trial running on the Ankara – Sivas high speed line began on March 5, with Transport Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan travelling on a test train on part of the route.

Ankara - Sivas high speed line testing (3)

The 405 km line has 49 tunnels with a total length of 66 km, as well as 53 viaducts and 611 bridges. Construction has cost TL9·749bn.

The opening of the line is planned for mid-2020, with trains using the Ankara – Kırıkkale conventional line which has been upgraded for 140 km/h running and then the new alignment from Kırıkkale to Sivas which is suitable for 250 km/h.

There will initially be four trains each way per day, cutting the Ankara – Sivas journey time to 2 h 50 min compared to around 10 h on the current 602 km indirect route.