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    Comment: No time to delay


    The rail industry is emerging from the pandemic facing an urgent need to prioritise investment and ensure tangible operational, productivity and technological benefits are delivered within the next five years, argues our Executive Editor Nick Kingsley.

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    Mongolia: Gobi coal exports poised to switch to rail


    Despite significant delays caused by the pandemic and a challenging local climate, commissioning of the infrastructure for Mongolia’s Tavan Tolgoi – Gashuun Sukhait Railway is due to start next quarter. The country’s largest current railway construction project will see exports from one of the world’s largest coking coal mines transfer from road to rail.

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    South Korea: Medium speed network takes shape


    Development of a ‘medium high speed network’ is now in full swing in South Korea, along with the upgrading of other corridors for both high speed and suburban traffic. Benjámin Zelki investigates.

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    European policy: Capacity directive could be game-changer


    With legislation being considered to enhance capacity on Europe’s rail network, Murray Hughes asks Forum Train Europe Managing Director Edgar Schenk and Senior Project Manager Sebastián Čarek how this would improve rail’s ability to compete against road and air.

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    High speed: New line plans revisited as Macron promises more


    President Macron has promised ‘a decade of the TGV’ in the 2020s, and work is due to start soon on three more high speed lines. Toma Bačić investigates.

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    Interview: ‘Give us the infrastructure and we will invest to grow’


    UK: Despite the challenges of the pandemic, private operator GB Railfreight is investing for growth amid a strong recovery. But as CEO John Smith tells Tony Miles, more needs to be done by policymakers to ensure the company’s two decades of expansion can continue unabated.

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    High speed: Completing South Korea’s core network


    Construction teams are at work on the final stages of South Korea’s core high speed network. Quadrupling of the busiest section of the Gyeongbu line between Pyeongtaek and Osong began earlier this year and work on the last section of the Honam line to Mokpo is due to be finished by 2025, explains Benjámin Zelki.

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    Interview: Korail goes in search of market share


    Better on-board services and improved post-pandemic hygiene rank high among passengers’ demands, Korail President & CEO Na Hee-Seung tells Benjámin Zelki.

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    France: Newcomers still face market entry hurdles


    With France’s passenger market finally open to competition, areport from regulatory body ART finds that various barriers still hinder access for new entrants. Jérémie Anne asks ART President Bernard Roman what lessons have been learnt and what lies ahead.

  • 大狩部・節婦間
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    Japan: Facing a rural railway conundrum


    Population decline, urban migration, rising car ownership and better local roads mean that traffic on many of Japan’s rural railways is falling. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism is addressing the issue and an action plan is to be drawn up by July. Mike Bent investigates.

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    Track Maintenance: Sittertobel renovation improves track forces


    Schweizerische Südostbahn worked with industry partners including Getzner Werkstoffe to renovate its historic Sittertobel viaduct and install a more optimised track structure. The benefits of the changes have been quantified in series of tests assessing the rail deflection generated by passing trains.

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    Track Maintenance: Rail Health Strategy pays off


    By aligning its inspection, maintenance and renewal regimes using a holistic systems approach, Translink NI Railways’ permanent way department has delivered a significant reduction in rail defects, improved track quality and extended asset life.

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    Comment: A force for good


    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sadly reiterated the role that railways have played in armed conflict for more than 150 years. Nevertheless, the industry has rallied round to support both the Ukrainian railway sector and the people affected by the war, reflecting rail’s overwhelming influence as a force for good in modern society.

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    Digitalisation: Digital Twins gain a new nervous system


    Research now underway in Germany is investigating the use of fibre-optic sensing and Digital Twins to boost the capacity of the national rail network, offering the potential for moving block operation and smarter maintenance regimes.

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    USA: Pueblo test centre comes under new management


    With management of the vast TTC railway centre in Pueblo, Colorado, transferring from TTCI to ENSCO this year, future director of operations Ron Lang spoke to railway companies to dispel speculation about what the change means for the industry.

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    Portugal: Algarve electrification gets up to speed


    Award of the second main contract for the 25 kV 50 Hz electrification of IP’s east-west Algarve Line should see the wires stretching from one end of the country to the other by the end of 2024, explains Andre Pires.

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    Interview: Iryo targets a 30% share


    Ahead of the launch of its Iryo-branded high speed service in Spain later this year, we ask ILSA Chief Executive Simone Gorini to outline his vision for the Trenitalia-backed entrant to the high speed market.

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    France: Éole makes a critical breakthrough


    The completion of tunnelling works for the western extension of Paris RER Line E paves the way for the start of revenue services on the first section in mid-2023, as Project Director Xavier Gruz explains to Jérémie Anne.

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    Cybersecurity: Intrusion detection to protect the digital railway

    2022-04-14T08:00:00Z Author Swantje Weiss Siemens Mobility

    Increasing reliance on digital technologies has made railways more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Intrusion Detection Systems can help to protect new and existing infrastructure and ensure availability.

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    Germany: FRMCS testbed takes shape


    As part of the national Digitale Schiene Deutschland programme, Nokia and Kontron are working together to build a 5G-based communication network in the Erzgebirge mountains to test the Future Railway Mobile Communication System.