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  • Highspeed Anniversary 4
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    High speed: Reaping the economic benefits of HS1


    The high speed line between London and the Channel Tunnel generates annual benefits estimated at £427m, but there is still potential for another £100m if spare capacity is taken up.

  • JLO_19
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    High Speed: Open access comes to Spain


    December is set to see the launch of open access services on Spain’s high speed network. Mike Bent investigates.

  • Korail_DMZ_train_01
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    Asia: Restoring trans-Korean links


    Despite the high profile political tensions of recent years, the governments in Seoul and Pyongyang continue to develop plans for better rail links to facilitate trade across the Korean peninsula as well as growing freight flows to Asia and Europe. Toma Bačić investigates.

  • shutterstock_editorial_10628204b
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    China: Mixed fortunes on the Belt & Road


    While some projects being backed by China under the Belt & Road Initiative have been impacted by Covid-19 precautions, others are forging ahead and further schemes are already taking shape, reports Andrew Benton.

  • Hanoi development
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    Vietnam: Optimising infrastructure on Hanoi’s nascent network


    Hanoi is on the cusp of opening the first sections of a planned eight-line metro network, including the east-west Line 3, where track and electrification fit-out is being handled by Colas Rail and Pandrol.

  • 20181031_095121
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    Track design: Data drives a step change


    Although the fundamental principles of track design have endured for more than two centuries, there is still scope for innovation in areas such as surveying, monitoring and maintainability. UK-based track engineer Gareth Dennis presents a snapshot of the trends driving change in permanent way.

  • Longstanding relationships with Class 1 railroads
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    Interview: In search of ‘the golden middle’


    Eran Gartner, Chief Executive of infrastructure services and technology specialist Pandrol, reflects on the challenges of globalisation and the industry’s drive towards digital, as well as discussing the impact of Precision Scheduled Railroading with Nick Kingsley.

  • Azuma at Peterborough TM
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    East Coast ETCS: the time is now


    Alignment of signalling and rolling stock renewals with service expansion has helped to make the case for installation of ETCS Level 2 on Britain’s East Coast Main Line’. Chris Jackson talks to Network Rail Programme Director Toufic Machnouk and LNER’s Head of ERTMS Paul Boyle.

  • XC 221 on ECML Lamburton 210919
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    CrossCountry: Making a difference


    Once regarded as a ‘forgotten’ franchise, and wrestling with capacity challenges, CrossCountry is well placed to play an expanded role in reshaping the UK rail sector, Managing Director Tom Joyner tells Tony Miles.

  • GWR IETs Swindon 221118 on electric TM05
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    UK Franchising: Adjusting to the new normal


    The suspension of passenger train operating franchises during the coronavirus crisis provides an opportunity to rethink the commercial model as the Department for Transport reflects on the findings of the Williams Review. Chris Jackson investigates.

  • it-trans-Alpine transit freight-Bacic
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    Comment: Freight steps forward


    Photo: Toma Bačić Coffee is among the consumer goods increasingly moving by rail between Italy and northern Europe during the pandemic. Austria might be amongst the first countries seeking to reanimate its economy by easing the lockdown restrictions enforced to combat Covid-19, but it could ...

  • DSC_1502
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    North Macedonia: Creating a railway crossroads


    Policymakers in North Macedonia are fostering enhanced links to neighbouring countries, while investment in Chinese rolling stock is improving the quality of local passenger and freight services. Žrsmt Director-General Orhan Murtezani and Fleet Director Petar Batalakov explain the national operator’s priorities to Toma Bačić.

  • The Nove spojeni
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    Czech Republic: Momentum builds behind national high speed programme


    Planning is underway for a new line between Praha and Dresden to relieve congestion on the existing route, together with three other high speed lines which would cut journey times between the main cities in the Czech Republic. Michal Málek investigates.

  • Progressive Tiefenfiltration
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    Research: Tackling the fine dust challenge


    Standards covering the performance of HVAC units in train interiors are becoming progressively more stringent. High quality air filter design is central to mitigating the health and hygiene risks from fine particulate matter.

  • IMG_9519
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    Research: Transforming Europe’s rail system


    Future railway research initiatives need to adopt a partnership approach in order to widen support from EU member states and ensure that the benefits are shared more evenly, believes Miroslav Haltuf*.

  • Automatic train operation
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    Research: We need to focus on the vision


    As the first Shift2Rail research programme heads towards completion, thoughts are turning to priorities for the next European budget period after 2021. Focusing on the outcomes that rail must deliver by 2050 will help to identify where technical and operational innovation is needed, as Executive Director Carlo Borghini explains to Chris Jackson.

  • il ISR train cleaning
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    Comment: Railways in lockdown


    San Francisco’s BART metro network reported on March 12 that ridership for the previous day was 268 192, a 35% drop compared to an average Wednesday in February this year.

  • Yangon_Myanmar_Stefano Ember_Shutterstock
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    Myanmar: International backers spur network renewal


    Work is well in hand to rehabilitate the main line between Myanmar’s most important cities, as international backers queue to support investment in one of southeast Asia’s largest networks. Peter Janssen reports from Naypyitaw.

  • IMG_1543
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    Thailand: Metre-gauge enhancements spearhead spending drive


    The Thai government has committed to spending no less than 7% of GDP on improving its rail network. While double-tracking several main lines is the priority, construction of new lines is still on the agenda. However, the influence of China is a complicating factor. Peter Janssen reports.

  • IMG_4691
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    Passenger information: Is my train on time?


    The availability of train running data for the UK rail network through a variety of open feeds has facilitated the development of applications to provide passengers with accurate real time information.