On learning that Railway Gazette would be celebrating its centenary this month, and marking 170 years of unbroken service to the railway industry, many of our readers have been kind enough to send their congratulations and good wishes.

Railway Gazette looks back on 100 years of publication as a specialised periodical, and on 170 years of tradition as the leading journal for the world railways.

Your history is as long as that of the railway on the European continent. The title of the journal and the SBB brand belong to the same generation; the railways and their leading journal have always orientated themselves to the needs of their customers and of society.

Only what is good can evolve further. To take this path takes courage, purposeful action and energy. This is particularly true for those who want to reach the top, and even more true for those who are at the top already.

I congratulate Railway Gazette on your anniversary and on your long-standing success. On behalf of all railways, I wish you the strength to maintain your leading position. Development and progress in the railway world depend on this forum for knowledge, judgement and experience: all of us need success. Railway Gazette is more necessary than ever!

Dr Benedikt Weibel
International Union of Railways
Chief Executive Officer,
Swiss Federal Railways

Hardly any decision-maker would question the benefits of rail transport in solving some of the main challenges of urban areas. Over the last decade, rail has gained the favour of the media and politicians. Metro automation has made significant progress, and has contributed in enhancing service levels and quality whilst reducing operating costs. Light rail has been reintroduced very successfully in many towns, for instance in France, Spain and the UK.

Rail has improved significantly but a lot remains to be done, especially in the field of standardisation, improving reliability of equipment, and stabilising regulatory or funding arrangements. I am convinced that Railway Gazette International will follow rail evolution for at least another 100 years!

Hans Rat
International Association of Public Transport

The Arab Union of Railways is interested in developing railway transport in the Arab world. The information sector has had a great effect in concentrating on the advantages of railways.

Railway Gazette has played a very important role, not only in Europe but across the world, by showing the advantages of railway transport, and presenting a very clear picture of the development seen by all the railways in the world, which showed the capability of overcoming many obstacles.

So we offer to this magazine all respect and appreciation for its participation in developing the railway sector. Best wishes for success in your mission.

Mourhaf Sabouni
General Secretary,
Arab Union of Railways

Anyone who works for the railways is used to looking a long way ahead. That makes taking a look in the rear-view mirror once in a while all the more pleasant. Now that Railway Gazette has been on the scene for 100 years, we have a chance to do that. I would like to give my warmest congratulations on this anniversary.

In fact, Railway Gazette and its predecessors have been reporting on the ups and downs of the sector since 1835. That really is a unique feat. A history of looking ahead and looking around you, covering 170 years, looking at partners and colleagues in your own country and in countries throughout the world. The journal has developed into an authority on the railways, that you simply must read if you're to stay up-to-date.

In a sector that is highly volatile, innovating and becoming more international, Railway Gazette remains a reliable and indispensable guiding light for me. So, as far as I'm concerned: here's to the next hundred years!

Aad Veenman
Community of European Railways
NS Executive Board

Unife congratulates Railway Gazette on the occasion of its 100th anniversary for its contribution during all these years to the development of the railway sector and for the promotion of a sustainable transport policy in Europe and the world.

Drewin Nieuwenhuis
General Manager
Union of European Railway Industries

Congratulations to Railway Gazette on its 100th anniversary. Much has changed over the past century. Highways, automobiles, trucks and planes forever changed the competitive landscape. Railways adapted to these competitive challenges by developing new technologies, adopting new business strategies and becoming ever more focused on their customers, whether freight or passenger. Railway Gazette has been there to report on those changes with insight, objectivity and a passion for railroading.

We can all be certain change in this great industry will continue. New challenges arise almost daily, and they inevitably call for new responses. As a result, tomorrow's railroads will probably be run in ways that are yet undreamed of. Railway Gazette will be there to chronicle those changes with the same comprehensive reporting that has been its hallmark for this past century. And that is a comforting thought indeed.

Edward R Hamberger
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Association of American Railroads

Congratulations on the milestone of your 100th anniversary. A century of specialist publishing service to the international rail industry is a great achievement. I look forward to your next edition. Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

John Watkins
Minister for Transport,
New South Wales, Australia

Railways - the word evokes images ranging from children's dreams of becoming a train driver when they grow up to modern high speed trains and high quality freight services. The history of the railways is the history of the age of industrialisation, with one technological breakthrough following another.

From day one, railway experts all over the world have been interested in innovation as well as honouring traditions. For 100 years now, Railway Gazette has been delivering on both counts. I would like to congratulate you most sincerely on this landmark anniversary.

The railways in Germany and Europe as a whole have a bright future. We are working to turn Europe into a single market for railway services. This presents a great opportunity for growth, but to grasp it we have to liberalise rail services and ensure that our technologies are interoperable. We will start by introducing ETCS on the major European corridors.

The railways are a very promising sector, and I am convinced that Railway Gazette will continue to keep abreast of developments.

Dr Manfred Stolpe
Federal Minister of Transport, Building & Housing,

Commemorating the centenary of any institution is a cause for both awe and admiration. Awe for the remarkable resilience and adaptation to survive the challenges of time and competitive forces - a testament to judicious and visionary leadership; and admiration for its positioning for continued relevance and utility that are best reflected by its contributions and economic viability.

On both counts, Railway Gazette has most admirably stood the test of time, spreading valuable industry knowledge and disseminating timely technical and commercial information on a vital mode of transport that profoundly transformed the socio-economic realities of the world societies over many decades.

As Saudi Arabia embarks on an ambitious programme of quadrupling its railway network to nearly 4000 km, and bringing to the country the many advantages of rail transport, Railway Gazette will prove a valuable source for specialised industry information.

Dr Jobarah Al-Suraisry
Minister of Transport,
Saudi Arabia

Australian Rail Track Corp, as a member of the international rail industry, is pleased to be associated with the 100 year celebration of Railway Gazette.

ARTC commenced operations in 1998 following a 1997 Commonwealth/state governments agreement for the creation of a one-stop shop for all operators seeking access to the Australian network.

With responsibility for managing 5861 km of standard gauge interstate track from the Queensland border to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, rail market share has increased to 81% of the total freight task on the east-west corridor from Sydney and Melbourne to Perth.

ARTC congratulates Railway Gazette on the occasion of their centenary year.

David Marchant
Chief Executive Officer,
Australian Rail Track Corp

Congratulations on the centenary of Railway Gazette and the valuable support your magazine has provided to the global rail industry. I appreciate the enormous changes your magazine has undergone and seen in the rail industry over the past 100 years.

This year QR also reaches a major milestone, having served Queensland communities, business and industry for almost 140 years. From our pioneering beginnings, we have grown into one of Australia's leading transport businesses. On any day, the QR network operates 1000 train services, transports more than 440000 tonnes of freight and safely carries around 158000 passengers. We are now aggressively expanding interstate and are also exporting our expertise to over 25 countries worldwide.

Bob Scheuber
Chief Executive Officer,

MRS is proud to join all railroad workers worldwide to celebrate the centennial of Railway Gazette. We are living in a remarkable time as we experience the regrowth of rail transport in Brazil.

Railroads are a fundamental tool for the Brazilian economy in the 21st century and MRS is proud of its contribution to this new era for Brazilian transport - we carried over 100million tonnes in the last 12 months. We know that there can be no future without a strong historical basis, and Railway Gazette is a living part of the rich saga of railroad development in the world. We wish Railway Gazette many more successful years.

Julio Fontana Neto
President & Chief Executive Officer,
MRS Logistica SA

On behalf of Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp, I am delighted to offer our congratulations on the occasion of Railway Gazette's 100th year of publication. As KCR is nearing its 100th year of operation, we share a recognition of our industry's rich heritage that we have gained from the past century.

Now more than ever, railways are bringing people together from greater distances at greater speeds. As our network continues to expand, KCRC has had to take on the additional roles of designer and project manager. Railway Gazette has been most valuable in keeping our planners, engineers and operators informed of railway news and technology developments, helping us meet our goal of providing better connections and services. We extend our best wishes for continued success.

Michael Tien
Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp

Allow me to join your well-wishers to congratulate you on your anniversary. The length of your existence has shown the importance of the professional media in railway transport development.

As Chairman of Czech Railways, I am glad that information on our country appears regularly on your pages, so your readers know about our transformation into a joint stock company.

As the President of the UIC East-West Forum I am pleased that you pay such attention to other railways in central and eastern Europe and to pan-European projects. Exchange of experience is very important for our sector's success in competition with road and air transport.

I wish not only you, but all of us, that all I stated above will still apply and you will be equally popular among your readers in a further hundred years.

Petr Kousal
Former Chairman & Director-General,
Czech Railways

On behalf of VR I would like to congratulate Railway Gazette on its centenary. In an ever-changing world we need your reliable and analytical communication. The biggest changes in the long history of the railways have only begun in the last decades, and it is certain that these changes will continue at a great pace. Topics for discussion include incorporation, competition, the separation of infrastructure from operations, and perhaps privatisation.

A distinctive and very positive attribute of the Finnish railways is our punctuality; both passenger and freight services have punctuality ratings which are at the very top internationally, and this is something that we are very proud of.

Henri Kuitunen
President & Chief Executive Officer,
VR-Group Ltd

Since its establishment, Railway Gazette has borne witness to the development of railways. Our industry has achieved fantastic technical progress, allowing rail to remain the safest and most environmentally-friendly transport mode. These characteristics are all competitive factors for the future.

From the entrepreneurial spirit of the early days to the big state monopolies, railway organisations have experienced drastic changes. The new regulatory framework has introduced more changes by setting up independent infrastructure managers such as RFF, the history of which started eight years ago.

Railway Gazette has done more, however, than simply informing and keeping its readership up-to-speed with new developments. For many years now, Railway Gazette has been connecting people in the railway community and strengthening the bond that unites us.

Long live Railway Gazette!

Jean-Pierre Duport
Réseau Ferré de France

170 years ago: in Germany the first steam engine rolled on track some kilometres between Nürnberg and Fürth. In England The Railway Magazine was published. These are the roots for Deutsche Bahn and for Railway Gazette.

Today DB is Europe's leading mobility provider, a corporation on track but with many other mobility and logistics activities. Railway Gazette is one of the leading international magazines, covering this developing market.

Deutsche Bahn is an 11 year-old company, a child of reunification of Germany and its railways, a child of privatisation. This young company says happy birthday to the 100 years of unbroken history of Railway Gazette.

Hartmut Mehdorn
Deutsche Bahn

As a long-standing reader of Railway Gazette, I should like to express my sincere congratulations on your anniversary! Railway Gazette is distinguished by carefully-researched, committed articles on technology, strategies and the business of railways all over the world. In spite of all the fascination with technology, neither the business reference nor the link to transport and infrastructure policy in the respective countries is ever missing.

I have had many a fruitful talk with Murray Hughes, who deserves due recognition for the success and honour of celebrating this 170th anniversary.

I wish Railway Gazette many more years of successful communication in favour of the railway, being successful and competitive in Europe and the whole of the world.

Roland Heinisch
Chief Executive Officer,
DB Netz AG

Over the years, Railway Gazette has been a unique publication, tracking worldwide technological advancements and other developments of import in rail and related sectors. Every month the magazine provides comprehensive insight into issues relevant to the rail industry, and provides a conducive platform for undertaking vital deliberations.

For all of us as career railwaymen in developing regions, your publication has always had a special role, as it also keeps us abreast with latest and topical issues in an increasingly-competitive environment.

On this auspicious occasion, please accept our heartiest congratulations for your service to the world rail fraternity.

I P S Anand
General Manager,
North Central Railway, India

Railway Gazette International and its earlier avatar, The Railway Magazine, has excelled in serving the railway fraternity for 170 years. It is indeed difficult to find adjectives worthy enough to describe such yeoman service.

Railway Gazette and its forebears covered extensively the development of railways in the Indian subcontinent, including the Bengal Nagpur Railway and its successor, South Eastern Railway. Accurate dissemination of information has helped our managers to learn from the experience of others. Indeed, the railway family owes a great deal to Railway Gazette for providing a platform for cross-pollination of ideas.

I place on record my personal compliments and the best wishes of many fellow railwaymen who have benefited professionally from Railway Gazette. Best wishes for growing from strength to strength and continuing service to the railway industry.

R R Bhandari
General Manager,
South Eastern Railway, India

It is absolutely essential to keep up-to-date with the technological and organisational developments of the railway business and with new legislation and regulations in the institutional sphere. Regularly reading Railway Gazette is the best way of keeping in touch with current affairs.

The combination of news and the monthly articles has proved to be a winning one. In over 30 years of professional activity in the sector, I cannot remember ever having missed an issue. Many thanks for this service, and warmest wishes for your celebrations.

Giuseppe Sciarrone
Managing Director,
Rail Traction Company, Italy

A hundred years ago, railway companies were the backbone of society and industrialisation. Arrival of the railway in an area usually meant a serious economic uplift for the surrounding region.

Unfortunately, this importance was lost by the end of the 1960s, to be replaced by the popularity of individual transport which remained unbroken until the turn of the millennium. Since then, an almost unbearable traffic density has provoked a real renaissance for public transport, and railways in particular, with new lines, and massive investment in new rolling stock. Passenger numbers and freight tonnage are on a steady rise.

What better centennial birthday present would there be to a faithful companion to the international railway industry such as Railway Gazette other than a bright future to look into?

Alex Kremer
Luxembourg National Railways

It is my privilege to send sincere congratulations on the 100th anniversary of Railway Gazette. Your magazine is well known for its news and analysis of progress and developments in the railway industry. We are happy that our company has been part of this progress.

From the global environment preservation viewpoint, it is important for railways to make great moves forward. The role of information media becomes steadily more significant with increasing speed of technology development and social change.

Since privatisation in 1987, JR East has gone through drastic reforms. This year we are taking several significant steps toward the future. We started our new medium-term business plan, New Frontier 2008, are preparing for trial runs to increase the speed of Shinkansen trains to 360 km/h, and are expanding the usage of our Suica-IC Card.

As one of your readers, I hope that Railway Gazette will prosper and flourish.

Yoshio Ishida
East Japan Railway Co

First and foremost allow me to extend the most heartfelt congratulations to Railway Gazette on its centenary.

Your publication has contributed greatly to the railway community and industry by delivering the latest news and discussing up-to-date issues. Over the years it has become the heartbeat of the railway, providing extensive coverage on happenings all over the world. Railway Gazette has grown to become a must-have source of reference for everyone associated with the railway.

On behalf of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad I would like to wish Railway Gazette continued success, and here's to a hundred more years of excellent reporting. Congratulations.

Mohd Salleh Abdullah
Managing Director,
Malayan Railway

One hundred years for a publication is a great exploit, and if we are speaking about a professional magazine completely dedicated to railways, it is a wonder.

The vision we get through Railway Gazette is very helpful for us, and not only in a European scope, but in a wider horizon that is very interesting for us. We hope to continue reading with interest Railway Gazette for another hundred years.

José Salgueiro Carmona

I was astonished to know the age of Railway Gazette. In spite of the fact that my relation with your publication has not been long, I have the impression that it has a special influence on me. The moment I receive it every month and start reading it, it makes me happy to know a lot about the world of railways, new trends, new technologies and new projects accompanied by beautiful photos of these projects which make your ideas clear.

On this occasion of 170 years of unbroken service to the railway industry. I would like to confirm that Railway Gazette is a good platform for all railway people around the world for its real benefit and fruitful food.

Dr Mousa Al sha'ar
President, Board of Directors,
Syrian Railways

It is my pleasure to congratulate the 100th anniversary of Railway Gazette, and express my appreciation for your reporting on state-of-the-art railway developments around the world. Many technologies such as signal automation, ATP, axle-counters, radio dispatch, new track technologies, new propulsion systems and tilting trains have now been successfully implemented in Taiwan.

I would like to express my gratitude to your great publication, and to wish the best for the continuing success of Railway Gazette.

T W Hsu
Director General,
Taiwan Railway Administration

I wish hundreds more years for Railway Gazette, which contributes to the enhancement of communication among railway administrations across the world, and I congratulate everybody involved.

Our country is in the midst of an intense effort, including the cross-Bosporus Tube tunnel, Ankara - Istanbul high speed train project and restructuring, together with the acceleration of projects for international links.

In this period when the rail sector has made significant progress, it is very important to ensure co-operation and collaboration. In this regard, all communication channels have a very important function, and Railway Gazette has a unique position.

Your esteemed publication has made significant contributions to the development of knowledge, awareness and culture of the railway sector for a century, and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to Railway Gazette on behalf of the Turkish Railways.

Talat Aydin
Assistant Director-General & Chairman,
Turkish State Railways

Congratulations to Railway Gazette on reaching its 100th year. This is a major milestone in the life of a very well respected railway publication across the world. During almost 40 years of railway service in Canada for CN and now in Britain for EWS, Railway Gazette has provided me with an international view on railway operations. This important reporting of railway advances across the world not only encourages best practice but promotes continuous improvement throughout the international railway family. I wish Railway Gazette every success for its next 100 years.

Keith Heller
Chief Executive
English Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd

Railway Gazette is by far the best overall source of news on overseas rail projects, plus some fascinating profiles and in-depth reports.

Jeremy Long
Former Managing Director, Rail,
FirstGroup plc,
(now CEO, European Business, MTR Corp)

Congratulations to Railway Gazette on its centenary. 100 years in an industry of huge change is a great achievement and as a self-confessed lover of railway history, I'm sure a look back at a thousand-plus editions of the magazine would provide a fascinating insight into railways throughout the world.

The magazine is renowned for its comprehensive and supportive coverage of rail. Its approach to events on the railways is diverse, and the stories it features are unique and impossible to find in other UK rail publications. It can always be relied on to inform and be in touch with cutting-edge developments.

Well done on a great achievement to everyone involved in the magazine, past and present. I look forward to many more years of reading Railway Gazette.

Keith Ludeman
Chief Executive, Rail,
The Go-Ahead Group plc

I offer my warmest congratulations to Railway Gazette as you mark your centenary. There is always a danger that we become over-absorbed with our own UKrail network as an island nation, so Railway Gazette will always have a key role in alerting us to new ideas.

We do listen to you. Virgin Trains' Pendolino technology has been bought off the shelf from the best European experience. It is not chance that the tilting technology has settled down so well when it has already been operating succesfully in eight other countries.

But we also look to Railway Gazette to be ambassadors for the UK across the waters. The UK rail industry has many skills which are not always recognised. The fact that we have achieved the highest passenger growth in Europe should be of interest to many countries.

I wish Railway Gazette every success as it enters its second century.

Chris Green
Former Chairman,
Virgin Rail Group
(now Non-Executive Director, Network Rail)

Many congratulations to Railway Gazette and its staff on reaching this historic milestone. The publication - a 'must-read' for any rail manager - will have charted the many triumphs, and the occasional failures, of railways around the globe over the past 100 years, capturing the restless and driving energy of this great industry and the many dedicated people it employs.

Reading of the successes of other railways around the world helps to put today's UK rail scene in perspective. It is also sometimes a catalyst for sharing best practice with other operators and can even lead to the development of new partnerships, as happened with GNER and Hong Kong's MTR in bidding for the Integrated Kent Franchise.

Railway Gazette helps us to take pride in past achievements and to take stock of progress, as well as encouraging the railways to keep improving on behalf of passengers. We owe it to our forebears and to railway generations to come to look at new, innovative ways of driving up standards. Here's to the next 100 years - happy reading!

Christopher Garnett
Chief Executive
Great North Eastern Railway

For 100 years Railway Gazette has helped lead the world in the serious discussion and examination of railroad technology and development. In my chosen profession of the past 40 years, I've greatly appreciated the exceptional coverage that your magazine has provided. I am sure that the many professionals with whom I've had the privilege to work agree with my sentiment for your contribution to our industry.

Please accept my best wishes on your centenary and for continued first-rate publication for many years to come.

David L Gunn
President & Chief Executive Officer

CSX Corp congratulates Railway Gazette on its centennial and its contributions to the progress of the world's railways. Like your publication, CSX Transportation can trace its heritage to the first half of the 19th century, with the charter of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1827.

We have always believed that a clear record of accomplishments is just as important as sustained service. On this front, your magazine has excelled. From insight on technical matters to analysis of economic, political, and societal changes as they relate to our industry, Railway Gazette has been and will continue to be one of the most credible voices in the exciting, challenging world of railroads. We look forward to your continued editorial presence for another 100 years, as CSX Transportation realises its vision of becoming the safest, most progressive North American railroad.

Michael J Ward
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
CSX Corp

Congratulations to Railway Gazette on publication of your centennial edition.

Being in business for 100 years is a singular achievement in itself. Railway Gazette and its predecessors have chronicled the industry for some 170 years, back to the early days of rail transportation. Norfolk Southern this year commemorates its' 175th year, beginning with operation of 'Best Friend of Charleston' on Christmas Day 1830.

Today, the rail industry is stronger than ever - testament to the amazing efficiency of steel wheel on steel rail and to the can-do spirit of railroad people past and present. Our future promises to be as exciting as the past, which should make for very interesting reading in Railway Gazette over the next 100 years.

David Goode
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,
Norfolk Southern Corp

I distinctly recall first reading Railway Gazette in the engineering library as an undergraduate at Princeton - so much better than studying fluid mechanics! At the time it seemed that foreign railways were both exotic and lucky, given the state of the industry in the pre-deregulation USA. I am therefore quite proud to have made occasional appearances in Railway Gazette over the years and to be associated with an industry that has not only survived but prospered.

We are unique as an industry in having both a glorious past and a bright future, and at the global level Railway Gazette has been the consistent thread of it all.

Henry Posner III
Railroad Development Corp

Vietnam Railways values its relationships with national railways of many countries in the world, especially railway-members of OSZD and Asean. We continue to expand partnerships and make friends in nations everywhere, and we sincerely hope to build a better international network. Railwaymen are always considered creative and disciplined. The people of Vietnam Railways are determined and deeply committed to maintain these qualities in partnership with you.

Dr Nguyen Huu Bang
Director General,
Vietnam Railways

We have only been able to include here a selection from the many comments received. We are grateful to all our readers who have contributed, and we can do no better than quote the remarks made by John Kay (owner and Editor from 1910 to 1949) on the occasion of our first celebrations in 1935:

In expressing our thanks to all those who have written, may we say how greatly we value their appreciative and encouraging messages. We assure them that they will not make us conceited; in fact already they have had the opposite effect, having aroused a certain sense of apprehension as to whether in the years which we hope are before us The Railway Gazette will continue to earn the regard of its readers to the same extent.