INTERNATIONAL: The European Commission and the World Bank have co-authored an Indicative trans-European Transport Network Investment Action Plan which identifies priority projects to boost connectivity and economic growth in the Eastern Partnership countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The projects include 4 800 km of new or upgraded roads and railways, six ports and 11 logistics centres. These require an estimated total investment of €12·8bn, of which rail accounts for €2bn. The plan envisages that short-term projects could be completed by 2020, and long-term projects by 2030.

CountryRail projectsLength, kmInvestment needed, €mNotes
Armenia---Road and border projects
Azerbaijan2-663Including signalling, telecoms and electrification on the east–west corridor
Belarus2200122modernisation of electrification around Minsk (€36·5m), electrification of Zlobin – Kalinkavicy – Barbarov line (143 km, €82m)
Georgia290349Road and rail links to Anaklia port
Moldova 1 -20
Ukraine9530851Upgrading, electrification and capacity projects, including routes to the western border and north-south lines