Railcare battery MPV

SWEDEN: Contractor Railcare is developing additional battery-powered maintenance vehicles as part of its ambitions to be ‘a front runner within the industry’ for sustainability and meet its target of reducing CO2 emissions from operations by 40% by 2025.

Railcare battery powered MPV

The company’s first battery-powered multiple-purpose vehicle recently completed its inaugural job, being used for works in the 6 km Citybanan tunnel in Stockholm where it provided emission-free operation and significantly less noise than conventional MPVs. It was then dispalyed at the IAF trade show in Münster on May 31-June 2, where Railcare hosted a series of demonstrations.

A three-year framework agreement with national infrastructure manager Trafikverket which was signed in January is expected to provide further opportunities to use the battery-powered MPV, which the company sees as ‘an important step forward for Railcare and the entire industry’.

The company’s Skelleftehamn workshop is now building an improved version of the MPV, with pantographs to enable battery charging from overhead electrification. Owing to long delivery times, this machine is expected to be completed in the second half of 2023.

Railcare is also building a battery-powered wagon which will enable diesel-powered maintenance machines to operate using battery power.

  • Railcare has renamed its Machine Sales segment to Machines & Technology to more accurately describe its activities, which include technology development, machine production and sales and the refurbishment and rebuilding of existing machines.