Celje CAF Signalling

SLOVENIA: CAF Signalling and its local partner Iskra have commissioned renewed signalling at Celje station, the Spanish company announced on February 20.

These works were the most complex part of a signalling enhancement programme covering the line that links Zidani Most east of Ljubljana with Šentilj on the Austrian border. The route handles a significant volume of freight and passenger traffic, and forms part of the Baltic-Adriatic TEN-T Corridor.

Celje CAF Signalling

The resignalling at Celje has seen the replacement of 97 point ends, 188 axle counters, 166 signals and two level-crossings. The new local control panel has been installed to supervise the station area and the location is now covered by centralised traffic control.

‘The size and complexity of this project, as well as all the adversities of the context that have surrounded it, have been a particularly relevant challenge for CAF Signalling’, said Frédéric Charlemagne, the supplier’s Operations Director.

The commissioning of two new interlockings took 18 days, while train services continued to operate.

The scheme has been co-financed by the European Union, and the overall route modernisation project is due for completion in 2025.