cn viaduct with high speed train

CHINA: A series of new line openings has driven an increase in services across the country with the introduction of a new national timetable on July 1.

The 143 km Shanghai – Nantong line has been designed for 200 km/h operation and includes a 1 092 m span road and rail bridge which provides an important link to improve connectivity across the lowest reaches of the River Yangtze.

The line carries 29 trains each way per day, with the fastest taking 70 min. Many of these run through to and from Chengdu and Guangzhou.

A further six lines totalling 1 021 km are under construction in Jiangsu province for completion in the next few years: the Lianyungang – Zhenjiang, Lianyungang – Xuzhou and Yancheng – Nantong Passenger-Dedicated Lines, the Jiangsu Yangtse south bank inter-city line, the Nanjing – Huai’an line and the Shanghai – Suzhou – Huzhou line.

The 505 km Qinghai section of the Golmud – Korla railway in western China was opened on June 30.

On June 28, trains started running over the 346 km southern section of the 350 km/h Shangqiu – Hefei – Hangzhou PDL, which connects Hefei in Anhui province with Huzhou. The 143 km Shangqu – Hefei section had opened in December 2019.

The Beijing suburban network grew to 353 km on June 30, with the opening of a 31 km line providing a 25 min journey time between Beijing Xi station and Liangxiang in the Fangshan district.