CZECH REPUBLIC: Infrastructure manager SZDC has earmarked five priority projects for completion by 2015.

All five projects, postponed several times, are part of the modernisation of Corridors 3 and 4.

  • KC1·0bn for reconstruction and resignalling of Beclav station to enhance safety and raise freight speeds.
  • KC1·1bn for remodelling between Praha’s Bubene and Holešovice stations to increase capacity and enlarge the loading gauge to UIC standards. A new Praha-Podbaba station is planned.
  • KC2·5bn for modernisation of Olomouc Hlavní station.
  • KC2·4bn for modernisation of the Tábor - Sudomice u Tábora route to permit 160 km/h running.
  • KC1·5bn for remodelling of Ústí nad Orlicí station to allow higher speeds, retaining the historic buildings.

The European Union is expected to provide 85% of the funding required for the projects.