DB Netz has awarded contracts for the modernisation of its GSM-R network to Nokia and a consortium of Siemens Convergence Creators and Huawei (Photo: DB/Hartmut Reiche).

GERMANY: Infrastructure manager DB Netz awarded two contracts totalling €110m for the modernisation of its national GSM-R communications network on July 14. The scope of the work includes the modernisation of around 3 300 base stations and 38 control centres by 2024, along with maintenance until 2033.

A consortium of Siemens Convergence Creators and Huawei has been awarded the contract covering 12 000 km in northern Germany, or about 40% of the national network. The southern contract covering about 60% of the network was won by Nokia Networks.

Siemens and Huawei said the replacement technology would ensure complete compliance with EIRENE GSM-R and ERTMS standards including ETCS Level 2, seamless interoperability and the option to expand the network to provide mobile broadband services.

Nokia will exchange complete sets of on-site equipment, installing more than 2000 Flexi base stations including customised shelters, power supplies and telecoms equipment. The company’s Head of Railway Solutions Dirk Lewandowski said it was one of Nokia’s biggest GSM-R contracts so far, and would ‘greatly increase’ its Europe footprint.