SPAIN: Aldesa Group company Coalvi and Rover Rail have selected the MainRailMT digital platform for tracking and asset condition and managing maintenance tasks in real time.

The two companies will deploy the technology to support their contract to maintain more than 2 700 km of ADIF’s conventional railway infrastructure in Catalunya and Aragon, under the Northeast package.

The MainRailMT software has been developed by Pamplona-based startup MainRail, a spin-off from the Ceit technology centre and Inycom.

The digital platform combines enterprise asset management and computerised maintenance management systems with advanced analytics. It allows the direct recording of inspections on site using a mobile app, with the data analysed using AI algorithms and digital twins to optimise and speed up the maintenance operations, moving towards a predictive maintenance regime. This is expected to reduce costs by up to 25% and improve the quality of the work carried out, helping to extend the useful life of the assets.

The latest contract will be the largest application of MainRailMT to date, following its introduction on the Zaragoza tram network, and the metre-gauge railways in Mallorca and the Basque Country, as well as ADIF’s former FEVE network in Cantabria.

‘All of the parties involved in network maintenance will have access in real time to the status and monitoring of the works, as well as all the data obtained from each one of the inspection and maintenance operations’, explained MainRail CEO Jorge Rodríguez. ‘The fact that two important companies such as Coalvi and Rover Rail have decided to use our platform to carry out such a large project shows that the digitalisation of the rail sector is gaining momentum.’