it-Ferrovienord network map

ITALY: The Lombardia provincial government has approved €59m of funding for enhancements to the suburban network around Seveso, north of Milano, which is part of the Ferrovienord network.

A €38m tranche covers double-tracking of the Milano Bovisa – Asso line between Seveso and Meda, and of the diverging chord between Seveso and Camnago, where the Ferrovienord network meets RFI’s main line from Monza to Como. The work includes the elimination of level crossings. At Seveso station a pedestrian and cycle overpass and a road underpass are to be built. Meda station’s platforms will be lengthened and a local equipment room built to enhance reliability.


Seveso station is to be refurbished.

Some €14m is to be spent on the redevelopment and refurbishment of Seveso station, while €7m is allocated to the construction of a local control centre at Seveso Baruccana on the east-west route linking Saronno with Seregno.