at Rosental line electrification (OeBB)

AUSTRIA: Work has formally begun on a €50m scheme to modernise and electrify the 12·1 km line between Klagenfurt and Weizelsdorf, with completion planned by 2023.

Under the scope of the project, Maria Rain station will be expanded, a station built in Lambichl and the line’s level crossings modernised. The stations will be made more accessible, and park-and-ride and cycle-and-ride facilities provided.

Governor of Kärnten Peter Kaiser said electrification would significantly increase the competitiveness of rail transport, making services faster, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. ‘Electrification of the Rosentalbahn will not only shorten the traveling time, but will also strengthen the local economy and secure jobs’, he said.,

The Klagenfurt Hbf – Weizelsdorf line is operated as part of S-Bahn Route S3. The line forms the eastern part of a former 29·8 km route between Klagenfurt and Rosenbach, however the western section is now only used by heritage trains.