Sao Paulo Line 9 station

BRAZIL: Alstom has signed a contract with operating concessionaire ViaMobilidade to modify signalling equipment on São Paulo suburban Line 9, the supplier announced on May 2.

The project covers enhancement of traffic supervision and control systems on Line 9 to support automatic train operation at Osasco station, which is the terminus of Line 9 but is also served by Line 8.

Alstom says ‘the architecture of the interface between the operational control centres of lines 8 and 9’ is to be modified. This is because ViaMobilidade has made changes to the interlockings on Line 8 with the aim of allowing Line 9 trains to use ATO for shunting and reversing at Osasco station.

Alstom is to supply and adapt the software, components and spare parts of the signalling and control centre as required. It will then install, test and commission the updated control system; the work is due to be completed by May 2025.