Union Pacific

USA: Union Pacific has completed the implementation of Positive Train Control on all sections of its network where federal rules require the safety system to be deployed.

‘PTC is one of the biggest rail industry breakthroughs, designed to keep our crews and communities safer through technology’, said Greg Richardson, General Director, Operating Systems & Practices, on December 16.

‘While Union Pacific began its first PTC operations nearly four years ago, we have now completed our initial implementation and continue supporting other railroads in our mutual efforts to achieve interoperability and safely operate on our rail lines.’

Union Pacific currently hosts 25 freight and passenger operators which must achieve PTC interoperability by December 2020. So far 16 are compliant, encompassing 85% of Union Pacific’s interoperable PTC train-km.

Union Pacific said it would ‘continue working with partner railroads on their interoperability efforts’ to reach full interoperability by mid-2020.