Vilnius railway station aerial view (Photo: Vilnius municipality)

LITHUANIA: Infrastructure manager LTG Infra launched design procurement for Rail Baltica’s Vilnius Railway Node on February 13.

The procurement covers the design of Vilnius station, which will become the country’s main hub for Rail Baltica international passenger services, the regional stations at Vilnius Airport and Lentvaris, Vilnius intermodal terminal for freight services, and connecting lines and approaches on the future 1 435 mm gauge route, development of which is being managed in Lithuania by LTG Infra.

The tender also includes the planning of connected infrastructure, such as railway bridges, road overpasses, water management channels, pedestrian underpasses, footbridges and railway tunnels.

The contract with the successful applicant is planned to be signed in the third quarter of the year.

Last month, LTG Infra also announced the tender for civil works for the main Rail Baltica station at Kaunas and called tenders for the design of stations in Kaišiadorys and Vievis.