Argentina: Marubeni has signed a US$63m contract to supply Automatic Train Stop technology for the US$250m Buenos Aires ATS project which covers 280 trainsets and 1500 track-km.

Australia: A 50: 50 joint venture of SMEC and GHD has been appointed as independent verifier for the 7·3 km Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 2 project. Downer EDI has been selected for the fixed infrastructure contract to build the Newcastle light rail project.

Bulgaria: NRIC has awarded Treys Grup Hold a 5·53m leva contract for track works on the Batanovtsi - Radomir section of the Sofia - Kulata line.

China: Qinghai-Tibet Railway Co has awarded Alstom and Casco a €15m contract to upgrade signalling to increase capacity on the 1145 km Golmud - Lhasa route by the end of August 2018. Alstom said the Incremental Train Control System contract is its first since it took over GE's signalling business in November 2015.

A consortium including China Railway Group has been awarded a PPP concession to build and operate the first phase of Hohhot metro Line 1.

Czech Republic: Strabag Rail has completed a KC 1·73bn modernisation of a 10 km three-track section of corridors 1 and 3 east of Praha to support 160 km/h operation, removing a level crossing and rebuilding two stations.

Metroprojekt has won a KC440m contract to prepare a design study for the future driverless metro Line D in Praha.

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur - Singapore high speed project delivery body MyHSR Corp has appointed CH2M as its technical advisor, working with PwC.

Netherlands: ProRail has awarded BAM a €90m contract to remodel Driebergen-Zeist station and build an underpass to replace a level crossing. ProRail has awarded Strukton a contract to install the ATB Vv train protection system on the Rotterdam - Venlo and Alkmaar - Maastricht routes.

Philippines: LS Industrial Systems is to supply CBTC for Manila Line 3.

Poland: PKP SA has awarded to PA Nova SA, TWS GB and Przedsibiorstwo Inynieryjne Socar a 38·8m zloty contract to rehabilitate the Sosnowiec Maczki station building for use by Politechnika lska, with retail outlets and a travel service point.

PKP PLK has awarded Trakcja PRKiI a 15m złoty contract for track renewals on the Gliwice - abdy and Kdzierzyn Kole - Kunia Raciborska routes. Porr has won a 10·2m zloty contract to upgrade the Swarzdz - Pozna Staroka line, and has completed a 18m złoty contract for turnout replacement on the CMK route. ZUE has won a 35·7m złoty contract for works on the Toru - Olsztyn line, and a 51m złoty contract to upgrade Medyka station.

ZRK DOM has ordered a UCS-40.00 electrification works vehicle from ZPS.

Portugal: A joint venture of Opway and DST has won a €305m contract for track renewal on the 33 km Alfarelos - Pampilhosa line.

Slovakia: ŽSR has awarded the Zdruzenie Nimnica consortium of Doprastav Bratislava, TSS Grade, Subterra and EŽ Praha a €365m contract to modernise 16 km of Corridor V between Púchov and Povazská Teplá. The largest modernisation contract awarded by the infrastructure manager includes construction of 1082 m and 1861 m tunnels on a new alignment and conversion from 3 kV DC to 25 kV 50 Hz.

Spain: ADIF has awarded Indra Sistemas a four-year contract worth €24·4m to maintain systems at the high speed control centres in Madrid, Albacete, Antequera and Zaragoza.

Seven contracts worth a total of €16·9m have been awarded by ADIF for the supply of concrete sleepers. Monobloc sleepers for the 1668 mm gauge network are to be supplied by Andaluza de Traviesas, Traviesas del Norte, Gic Fábricas, Travipos, Drace Infraestructuras y and Prefabricados Delta, while Luso Galaica de Traviesas is to supply sleepers for the 1000 mm gauge network.

ADIF has awarded Matisa a €7·5m 48-month contract to maintain six tampers and five ballast profilers it has supplied, and Plasser Española a €68m contract covering five tampers, five profilers and two dynamic track stabilisers.

Thailand: Mass Rapid Transit Authority has selected Bangkok Expressway & Metro to supply E&M systems for the 1 km link between the Purple and Blue metro lines.

Turkey: Siemens is to supply ETCS Level 1 signalling, including Trackguard Westrace electronic interlockings, point machines, level crossings and telecoms for the modernisation of the 380 km line from Samsun to Kalin.

Ukraine: Limak has been awarded a €224m contract to build a 4 km extension of the Dnipro metro.

UK: Network Rail has awarded Siemens Rail Automation the Port Talbot West Phase 1 resignalling contract in South Wales and the Victoria 2 resignalling contract in south London.

Crossrail Ltd has awarded a joint venture of Alstom, TSO and Costain a £26m contract to build a depot at Plumstead which will house track and infrastructure maintenance equipment and staff facilities.

USA: Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation has awarded an $874·8m design-build contract covering 8·4 km and four stations of the city's light metro line to a joint venture of Shimmick Construction, Traylor Bros and Granite Construction.