ch-Furrer+Frey-SBB_Paradiso-Ticino_DSS3_Nuzzi_Fav Filippo

INNOTRANS: ‘Safe by design’ is the theme of this year’s offering from Swiss-headquartered electrification specialist Furrer+Frey.

Among the products on show at InnoTrans will be a cantilever design with only one rather than the usual two insulators, which maintains all the live elements a safe distance from the mast.

Faster electrification design work is also covered by the company’s ELFF Overhead Contact Line Design Tool; the ELFF4DB version adopted by Deutsche Bahn will be available for live demonstration on the Furrer+Frey stand.

Other innovations on display will include a swivel-mounted conductor rail and contact wire reinforcement products aimed at keeping electrification equipment cool. This is being aimed at stabling yard and depot applications, where trains at a stand often demand high power for air-conditioning and other auxiliary systems. The reinforced option can also be used for reduced clearance bridges, where the structure is too low to get a conventional messenger wire through.