Teltronic RTP-800

INNOTRANS: Teltronic will showcase the RTP-800 on board radio unit that integrates TETRA, LTE and wi-fi Technology.

Teltronic says it is the first MCX cab radio terminal for transport environment in the market, and supports MCPTT, MCData and MCVideo 3GPP functionalities, as well as the rail functions described in the FRMCS specification.

The RTP-800 has been selected for several railway and metro LTE projects demonstrating its capabilities for the train-to-ground voice & data communications.

It offers a wide range of connectivity possibilities, including TCMS, and its technology is validated for main signalling applications such as ETCS, CBTC and PTC.

A digital audio switching matrix facilitates integration with the train’s audio subsystems, such as intercom and PA.

The RTP-800 unit provides large data transfer for vital signalling applications and on-board video services.