HUNGARY: MÁV Group has unveiled the FMK-008 two-car track inspection train. Present at the event on Track 1 at the InnoTrans trade fair were Ilona Dávid, President & CEO of MÁV Zrt, András Csépke, CEO of MÁV-Start Zrt and János Béli, Managing Director of MÁV KFV Kft.

Able to inspect up to 20 000 km of track a year, the train uses three inspection systems: ultrasonic and eddy-current equipment for detecting rail contact fatigue and other rail flaws and video cameras to check for rail corrugations and other irregularities. An integrated flaw evaluation system is fitted. Rebuilt by MÁV-Start at its Szolnok workshops from a Ganz postal vehicle, the train consists of a power car and measurement car and can inspect track at up to 70 km/h. MÁV said that it would be used both within Hungary and in neighbouring countries. Sleeping accommodation for the crew is provided in five compartments and there is a kitchen and a small workshop on board.

MÁV also announced that it planned to develop a new design of diesel-powered regional trainset in two and three-car formations which it hoped to exhibit at InnoTrans in 2018.