Siemens Mobility tram

INNOTRANS: ‘Cars are already being built to fit into the Apple, Android and Google universe. In order to realise a digital ecosystem for public transport there is still some catching up to do’, says Michael Frankenberg, CEO of Siemens Mobility’s transport software business Hacon, in the latest InnoTrans podcast released on April 12.

Frankenberg says it is important to create mobility systems that match supply and demand, and provide genuine door-to-door services rather than just linking stations or bus stops.

Passengers want it to be easy and convenient to combine various forms of transport, and apps are key for planning and booking across different providers and transport, he suggests.

Emphsaising that Mobility-as-a-Service is not just for private trips, Frankenberg reports that Hacon is currently rolling out an app for Siemens which offers intermodal door-to-door services. This will make it easier to plan travel more efficiently and sustainably across the entire spectrum of public transport, air, hire car, taxi and car.

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