INNOTRANS: ‘Railway transport is a central means to achieve the European Green Deal’, suggests Prof Dr Siefkes of the DLR aerospace research centre in the sixth InnoTrans podcast, released on July 13.

Discussing the potential for rail to help the EU reach its climate targets, Siefkes also considered the potential for high speed rail freight and the use of innovative technologies to increase efficiency. He emphasised the importance of ensuring high levels of decarbonisation and energy efficiency.

Rail needs to be an attractive option, he believed, emphasising that remote regions needed to be reintegrated into the network, while transfer and handling times should be minimised.

As part of the podcast, InnoTrans Director Kerstin Schulz also presents the concept of the Hackathon Hacktrain.

The next episode to be issued on August 10 will feature Chris Snyder, CEO of on-demand transport company Via.