PK TS is supplying Vityaz-M trams to Moscow.

PK TS: Russian tram manufacturer PK Transportnye Systemy will display its two newest tram models at InnoTrans 2018.

The three-section 71-934 Lion is 37·4 m long. PK TS will display a bidirectional version at InnoTrans, and will also develop a unidirectional version. PK TS will also display the single-section 71-911EM Lionet, which is 16·5 m long.

PK TS is currently delivering a total of 300 Vityaz-M trams to Moscow under a contract that it won as part of a consortium with Metrowagonmash in 2016. By the end of May, 174 were in service, with the rest due to arrive in Moscow by the end of 2019. Assembly is taking place the Neva Electric Transport Works in St Petersburg.