Letter to the Editor

ETCS is working successfully in the Netherlands

Sir – We have read with interest the article about freight trains on the Betuwe Route in the Netherlands (RG 12.07 p758).

We would like to inform you that the 26 Railion Deutschland Class 189 electric locomotives to be used on the route have been fitted with Alstom onboard ETCS, and not Siemens equipment as stated.

Alstom has to date successfully implemented more than 820 sets of onboard ETCS from 1?560 ordered, on our own rolling stock and also on vehicles built by AnsaldoBreda, Bombardier, CAF, Siemens and Stadler. The technology we have developed and the number of hours of commercial operation now achieved allows Alstom to offer an unequalled experience to train operators.

Alstom has supplied Atlas Level 2 on-board ETCS for four types of loco­motive to be used on the Betuwe Route (Classes 203, 189, G2000 and G1206), as well as the trackside equipment.

Sonia Thibaut Communications Manager, Alstom Belgium Centre of Excellence Ertms/ETCSBrussels, Belgium