Bonn CAF LRV impression

GERMANY: CAF has signed a contract to supply 12 high-floor light rail vehicles to Bonn operator SWB Bus & Bahn, and 10 to the SSB joint venture between SWB and the Rhein-Sieg district.

SWB said the value of the framework contract signed on May 20 was ‘in the high double-digit million’ euro range. This includes spare parts, and there is an option for a further 10 vehicles.

Bonn CAF LRV impression

The LRVs are scheduled to be delivered from 2024 and enter service by the end of 2026, enabling an increase in services to provide more capacity on the network including the inter-urban route to Köln.

Bonn CAF LRV contract (Photo: SWB)

‘Public transport is only attractive when we offer a seamless service’, said Mayor Katja Dörner. ’With more vehicles, we can increase frequencies and ensure even more reliability.’

CAF said the 28 m long high-floor bidirectional LRVs would be similar to the established Stadtbahn-B design, but with updated comfort and safety features.

CAF is currently producing 51 similar LRVs for Essen and Mülheim transport operator Ruhrbahn under a contract awarded in June 2021.