Chelyabinsk tram

RUSSIA: Sole bidder UKVZ has won a contract to supply 11 fully low-floor single-section trams to Chelyabinsk at a maximum price of 814m roubles.

The first seven cars, expected to be Type 71-628-01 vehicles, are to be delivered by November 1, and the remainder by May 31 2024.

They will be equipped for multiple working, with features including CCTV, an intelligent driver monitoring system, wi-fi and mobile device charging points.

UKVZ has already delivered 41 Type 71-628-01 trams to Chelyabinsk this year, and has a contract for 33 more. Once all are delivered, half of Chelyabinsk’s 300-strong fleet built by the same manufacturer will be either low-floor or low-entrance cars no older than three years.