Škoda Cottbus 2

GERMANY: Cottbus city transport operator Cottbusverkehr has exercised an option to order 15 more trams from Škoda Group.

In February 2021 Škoda was awarded a €110m joint contract to supply a total of 24 trams to the cites of Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg and Cottbus (seven), with options for a further 21.

Intended to replace high-floor vehicles which are nearing the end of their service lives, the ForCity Plus three-section unidirectional trams will be 70% low-floor, with multifunctional interior spaces for wheelchairs, prams or bicycles.

‘The German market is a big challenge for us, one that we are facing with confidence that we have a lot to offer,’ said Mike Niebling, President of Region West at Škoda Group, when the late latest order was announced on December 7. ‘I am convinced that our presence on the German market will continue to strengthen’.