Tampere tram

FINLAND: The first stage of the 6·7 km Pyynikintori – Lentävänniemi extension of the Tampere tram network opened on August 7, running 2 km to Santalahti and adding three stops.

Construction began in November 2020, and opening celebrations were held on August 6.

Work on the next section from Santalahti to Lentävänniemi began in March 2022 and opening is scheduled for January 7 2025.

Construction of the entire extension including nine stops is expected to cost €99·5m.

‘Tampere is known as a city where words are translated into deeds and where people have the ability and courage to act’, said Mayor Kalervo Kummola. ‘This is also the case with the tramway, as the project has been well executed on schedule. The people of Tampere have embraced the tramway, its popularity continues to grow and it has integrated perfectly into our city’s transport system.’