Foshan Nanhai tram (1)

CHINA: A 4·8 km extension of the Nanhai tram line in Foshan opened on November 29, linking Sanshanxinchengbei with Linyuedong on metro Line 2.

There are five stops, including two on a 2 km elevated section of the route.

The Nanhai line is now 14·3 km long, running from the metro interchange at Leigang to Linyuedong with a mix of surface, tunnel (3·7 km) and elevated (7·6 km) alignment.

Foshan Nanhai tram (2)

The initial section from Leigang to Sanshanxinchengbei opened in August 2021, and work on the extension began in January this year.

The line is operated by a fleet of 16 three-section 35·2 m long trams supplied by CRRC Sifang. The bidirectional vehicles have capacity for 396 passengers and a maximum speed of 70 km/h. There are plans to lengthen them to increase capacity to 524 passengers.

The route operates from 06.30 to 23.21, serves every 8 min at peak times.