Krasnodar trams

RUSSIA: Work has begun on a major tramway expansion programme in Krasnodar. This includes 71 km of new line to more than double the network by 2029, and the introduction of 10 to 12 new routes.

Work on the western section is underway under an agreement signed by Sinara Urban Transport, the Krasnodar regional authority and the city in September.

The parties are preparing documentation for a separate agreement covering the eastern part of the city and a new depot with capacity for 150 trams.

The western programme is valued at 284bn roubles. The region and the city are to contribute just 350m roubles; the rest will come from the national government, the National Welfare Fund grant and the investor.

Revenue operations on the first section of new route are scheduled to begin in early 2025, with a significant increase in annual ridership predicted.

There will be 100 new fully low-floor trams, of which 90 will be single-section and 10 three-section. The first 40 are to be delivered in 2023, with 20 more in 2025 and 40 in 2026.

City-owned MUP KTTU will remain as the operator.