LUXEMBOURG: Plans have been announced for the construction of two extensions to Luxembourg’s Luxtram tram network by 2035.

One would branch off Line 1 at Gare Centrale to run 1·1 km west to the Hollerich district and the future Nei Hollerich neighbourhood, with two stops. The estimated cost is €29m plus VAT.

Luxtram extension presentation

The other extension would branch off the existing line between the Theater and Rout Bréck-Pafendall stops and run 2·3 km northeast to the Laangfur district, serving three stops. The cost of this extension is estimated at €106m plus VAT, including associated public realm works.

The two projects presented by Minister of Mobility & Public Works François Bausch and Mayor Lydie Polfer in early March are included in the National Mobility Plan 2035,

The opening of 1·4 km extension from Gare Centrale to Lycée Bouneweg last September took Luxtram to 8·5 km, and further extensions totalling 4·9 km are under construction at either end of the route for opening by next year.